Pee Wee League champions (Thurs, Aug. 14, 1969)

In a program July 31, league manager Lynn Mathis (back row, left) presented trophies to members of the winning team. The team members were (left to right) John Sanders, Steve Dickinson, Billy Kells, Jimmy Sparks, Eddie Dunnington, David Martin, George Wilkins, Craig Smith and Pat Rogers.

80 years ago

Bryant’s Store now on Tegner (Friday, Aug. 18, 1939)

Bryant’s Variety Store is now prepared to open business in its new location on Tegner Street.

After a week of moving merchandise from the old store on Railroad Street, Mrs. Bryant and staff have completed arrangement of the stock and added many new displays.

The building, which was recently completed by contractor Russell T. Johnson, is considered one of the more attractive store buildings erected here.

70 years ago

Hospital now free of debt (Friday, Aug. 12, 1949)

Wickenburg’s Community Hospital now belongs to the people of this community, free of indebtedness.

On Tuesday evening, members of the Board of Directors burned bonds totaling $27,350 that were recently redeemed from cash assets of the hospital association. Those bonds had been purchased by residents of the community and several nearby towns as well as many winter visitors during the successful campaign of a few years ago to buy the hospital.

The original bonds were called for redemption several months ago, but it was only within the past few weeks that the last of the bonds were turned in by the owner.

60 years ago

Firms sold in three-way move (Friday, Aug. 13, 1959)

In a three-way deal completed this week, Charles Craig bought out the interest of his father-in-law Carl Mallicoat in the Union Oil retail station and wholesale bulk plant on the California Highway; Mr. Mallicoat bought the Mobil Service Station at the corner of Center and Tegner streets from his son Ronald Mallicoat; and the latter has bought a truck tractor that he will drive on a lease for Mayflower Transit Co.

Ronald Mallicoat and Charles Craig bought the Mobil Station from Bob Bishopp, now of Sedona, in February 1955. Mallicoat bought out Craig’s interest nine months later.

50 years ago

Dozen new teachers this fall (Thursday, Aug. 14, 1969)

Five new teachers will greet Wickenburg high School students while Wickenburg Elementary and MacLennan Elementary schools will have seven new teachers when school opens for the fall term Sept. 2.

At the high school, Gary Francese will be the auto shop instructor, Richard Gross will teach English and art, John Neil will teach geography and business, Donald Sypherd will teach mathematics and speech, and John Urie will teach history and coach varsity basketball.

At Wickenburg Elementary, Hildegard Gross will be the new librarian, Daniel Hicklin will teach seventh grade, Lynette Smith will have charge of girls’ physical education, health and athletics, and Georganna St. Clair will teach seventh grade.

At MacLennan Elementary, Carolyn Cluff will teach first grade, Mary Alice Copus will teach kindergarten, and Carol Ann Robinson will teach second grade.

40 years ago

Local economic picture growing (Thursday, Aug. 16, 1979)

More than six years after the dire forecast of the impact the Brenda cut-off would have on local business, several local business observers have said that most businesses have survived the re-routing.

Those observers also said the town’s economy appears to be stable and less dependent on seasonal visitors and highway traffic, and that overall business activity in the town may actually be growing.

Local Valley National Bank Manager Dick Hight reports that despite effects of the re-routing of Interstate 10, total deposits in his bank have “risen steadily,” and “bank business is up substantially.”

30 years ago

Women in Wickenburg Rotary (Thursday, Aug. 17, 1989)

Wickenburg’s 51-year-old chapter of Rotary International made history last week, admitting its first women members into the club.

Local businesswomen Sonja Green and Marjorie Klinefelter were inducted into the club last Tuesday.

The move by Wickenburg’s Rotary follows the lead of clubs across the nation that have admitted members over the past two years, after Rotary International voted to delete the word “male” from its constitution in 1987.

Green is the owner of Sonja Green Real Estate Brokerage, and Klinefelter owns TK’s Hallmark Shop.

20 years ago

First Teen Court training session (Wednesday, Aug. 18, 1999)

The first training session of Teen Court in Wickenburg was held Aug. 11 at the Justice of the Peace courtroom in Town Hall.

Fourteen area teenagers and six adults took part.

Justice of the Peace John Henry, who is the advisor to the court, instructed the teens how a court should be run. Local attorney Eileen McGuire advised the teens of an attorney’s duties in the courtroom.

10 years ago

Historic time capsule buried (Wednesday, Aug. 12, 2009)

The final event for the Town of Wickenburg Centennial Celebration was held last Saturday (Aug. 8) at  8 a.m. The Time Capsule, containing “Footprints” - mementos and remembrances of local citizens and other items representing the current year - was buried beneath a memorial bench at Stone Park at the Wickenburg Town Library.

It is hoped that the time capsule will remain untouched for at least 50 years, at which time it wll be informative and entertaining for the community to get a glimpse into the past.

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