WHS rifle team members invited to national tournament


Two Wickenburg High School rifle team members have been asked to join the United States F Class National Under 25 Team.

Katie Blankenship graduated a couple of years ago and Kaycie Blankenship is a sophomore at WHS. Other students who have a chance to make the team this June at the national tryouts are Corbin Magley, Trey (James) Campbell, Nathan Shipman and Maddie Dreher. The team will be competing in South Africa.

WHS teams have earned four national records in F Class. F Class shooting is done in a prone position with a front support. Targets are placed at 600 yards and 1,000 yards, and 60 shots are fired for a record total. The target sizes start 6 inches at 600 yards and 10 inches at 1,000 yards, about the size of a dinner plate. To be competitive in F Class a shooter has to hit that target 55 or more times out of 60 shots.

Rifle team coach Rex Powers said, “It isn’t as easy as most people think. Not only do the students compete against adults and seasoned shooters, but also technically they have to know the science of marksmanship. From making their own bullets to calculating wind speed and weather.”

Mike Dalton and Brian Young assist Powers in coaching and overall supervision. Powers also stated that their scores have to be 98.5% or above for a master classification. Both Blankenship sisters have been shooting for a number of years. “

They are excited to compete at the nationals this year,” Young said.

“The students work in the rifle shop three days per week and become very familiar with their 22-lb. rifles,” he added.

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