Wow, the school year is flying by!  Before we know it spring break will be here and shortly after that Wickenburg Unified School District will be graduating the class of 2020.

Today I chose to write my column on some of the different programs and information that are available on the WUSD District website ( under the Food Service Department tab.

Probably one of the biggest questions people have is “what we are serving in the cafeteria.”  We have a program called “Nutrislice” on the website that you can click on and get a wide range of information.  Parents can see school breakfast, lunch and after school snack menus for all school sites.  There is a print function that allows you to print monthly menus.  You may view nutritional data, check food offerings for allergy information and much more.

Some of the next most popular questions regarding food service are about free and reduced lunch, how to put money on my student’s account, or even about what my student is spending his/her lunch money on.

Under our food service department page on the school district website, we have English and Spanish Free and Reduced Applications. New this year is the addition of a tab “Pay for School Meals and Account Status,” which allows parents to add funds to their student’s account via debit card and allows parents to see all transactions their student has made in the cafeteria.  Spending restrictions and even food allergy information can be added in the note section that pops up when students punch in their student ID number.

Finally, the district is always looking for members on our Wellness Committee.  This committee meets four times a year to discuss student wellness needs of the district.  These can range from school breakfast and lunch menus, health, nutrition, student activities and new programs for students.  If you want to be a part of the community that helps influence student meals, activities and other issues, please check WUSD’s website ( for information on out next Wellness Committee meeting.

If you have any questions with the district’s food service program, Free and Reduced Lunch process or our new Titan Parent Portal, please don’t hesitate to call me (Jeff Bjork) at (928) 684-6607.

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