The Wickenburg Unified School District is in the process of completing some major projects for the 2019-2020 school year.  We are excited to continue to be able to enhance our facilities through the use of grants and other outside funding opportunities.

The first project to discuss is the installation of solar-covered parking at Wickenburg High School.  Students, staff and the public can park under the structures currently, but the final electrical work will not be complete until around mid-December.  The project is making a difference for staff, students and the public already by protecting their vehicles from the weather.  Once complete the district will receive a rebate on its overall power bill, which will be of great benefit, too.

A second project will be the weatherization of Wickenburg High School, which will deal with elimination of rain water getting into the buildings and causing damage. This project will start during winter vacation and continue until the end of the school year.  There has been a start on this project with removing bushes around the buildings that are four feet, or closer, to the facilities.  The reason for removal is the roots from the bushes create ways for rain to get into the building structure causing issues.  To provide a brief overview of the project, it will include caulking around windows, sealing the exterior block of the facility, painting exposed wood and ensuring the flashing is properly secured to prevent leaks.  Other components will be included too, but these are the most significant portions of the project which will be accomplished.

The Vulture Peak Sewer project is the third effort to be undertaken this year.  Based upon age and root penetration, we need to replace the sewer pipe that runs from the administrative building to the sewer connection.  We plan to start the project in December and it should be completed in January.

As the final phase in removing the wetlands at Wickenburg High School, we will be decommissioning the septic tanks which have served the school.  The project is set to begin in January and we do not have a defined completion date at this point in time, but trust that it will be a fairly quick process.

As stated at the beginning, all of these projects were either funded through grants or the state of Arizona. The solar project is funded through Arizona Public Service (APS).  The weatherization project, decommissioning of the septic tanks, and the sewer project are all being funded through the School Facilities Board (SFB) and we are grateful for their support.

Other projects on the drawing board for the Wickenburg Unified School District are the weatherization of Vulture Peak Middle School, Hassayampa Elementary School, and Festival Foothills Elementary School. The updating of fire alarms in all of the schools throughout the district, and the reroofing of Festival Foothills Elementary.  

All of these projects are part of an ongoing effort to upgrade our facilities and to make them suitable and safe for students, staff and the public.

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