On Feb. 17, around 5:30 p.m., Wickenburg police officers received a report of a stolen red ATV from the 2000 block of W. Highridge Rd. On Feb. 18, at 10 a.m. WPD received an anonymous tip that there was a stolen ATV being hidden in the back yard of a residence in the area of Lincoln and Navajo. While officers were in the area they saw a subject, 44-year-old Jeff Darden, who is known to WPD and had outstanding warrants. Darden is also an investigative lead on a Yavapai County Sheriff's Office theft case from February 2017 in Congress. Darden was detained on the warrants. The homeowner allowed officers in the back yard where the stolen ATV was recovered. Dardedn was booked into Fourth Avenue Jail for his warrants and his involvement in the YCSO incident. The person responsible for the ATV theft has been identified but is still outstanding according to reports.

Feb. 20, at 7:30 a.m., Maricopa County Sheriff's Office requested WPD assistance in looking for a vehicle that may have been related to an in-progress mobile domestic violence incident. Their cell phone had been pinged in the Wickenburg area. WPD located the vehicle with a flat tire on a dirt road on the west side of town. According to reports, as officers attempted to make contact, the vehicle sped off westbound U.S. 60. The officer observed numerous dangerous traffic violations. Together, with MCSO and DPS, the vehicle came to a stop at milepost 64 after it lost two wheels and the rear axle. The occupants were detained and MCSO took over the incident. Miraculously, no one was injured.

Mark Raymond Sarraf, 34, of Wickenburg, was cited Dec. 9, 2018, for assault– intent/reckless/injure, assault– touched to injure and disorderly conduct– fighting.

Cody Wayne Hofer, 27, of Wickenburg, was cited Jan. 17, for drug paraphernalia– possession/use after a routine traffic stop resulted in the discovery of a meth pipe according to reports.

Benjamin Timothy Megargee, 35, of Wickenburg, was cited Jan. 29, for assault– intent/reckless/injure and disorderly conduct– fighting after another individual allegedly broke Megargee's driver side window to his vehicle while trying to retrieve their items from the vehicle.

Juan Francisco Arreola Jr., 24, of Surprise, was cited Jan. 22, for marijuana– possession/use and drug paraphernalia- possession/use after being found in a parking lot allegedly smoking a "blunt" with a friend: Maira Lucrecia Lopez Moreno, 18, of Wittmann, who was cited for narcotic drug– possession/use and drug paraphernalia– possession/use. Upon searching the vehicle, officers allegedly found the partially-smoked blunt and a white powder substance later to be identified as cocaine according to reports.

James Houstin Vester, 31, of Wickenburg, was cited Jan. 27, for assault, dangerous drug violation and false reports to law enforcement after he allegedly entered a local fast food restaurant and punched another man over an alleged $10 worth of marijuana. Vester was later arrested on Jan. 31, for this incident as well as three outstanding arrest warrants. He was booked into Fourth Avenue Jail.

Michael Aron Miller, 20, of Los Angeles, Calif., was cited Jan. 10 for theft– controlled property after allegedly taking a bicycle from outside a local fast food restaurant.

Nichole Rynae Stumpf, 34, of  Las Vegas, Nev., was cited  Feb. 9, for exceeding the speed limit by 20 - 45 MPH after allegedly being clocked by a police officer at 65 MPH in a 30 MPH zone.

Clifford James Raty, 51, of Wickenburg, was arrested Jan. 14, for allegedly cutting the plastic lock on his electricity box due to lack of payment. According to reports, Raty unlawfully used 2,646 units of the Town’s electricity totalling out to $998.64 in fines.

Anthony D. Dike, 32, of Wickenburg, was cited Jan. 31 for disorderly conduct– language/gesture after allegedly causing a scene and trying to fight with another patron at a local gas station resulting in being trespassed from the property.

Debbie Mae Callahan, 58, of Wickenburg, was cited Dec. 16, 2018, for criminal damage– defacing property after allegedly striking a fixture on the highway and leaving the area.

Lisa Marie Cosgrove, 40, of Wickenburg, was cited Jan. 23, for aggravated assault– health care professional after allegedly lunging at and biting hospital staff during a CT scan.

WPD officers have additionally responded to reports of stolen property, suicidal persons, criminal damage and numerous other reports in the past several weeks.

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