Woman ‘OK’ Following Kidnapping, Assault & Being Tied to Her Dog

Shannon Marchus currently remains behind bars with a $35,000 bond. The woman’s relation to Marchus or how he brought her into his home is unknown at this time.

Disturbing details are emerging from our neighbors on the other side of the Bradshaw Mountains, about a Dewey man who kidnapped, assaulted and attempted to hold a woman hostage in his home last weekend.

According to Dwight Develyn, an YCSO spokesman, the 50-year-old man eventually dropped the woman off at a hospital in Phoenix due to her “severe injuries” and then drove home, after holding her from Friday, Jan. 25, 2019 until Sunday, Jan. 27, 2019. 

Develyn says, the woman initially told medical staff “she had fallen,” but an assessment of her injuries by the emergency room staff indicated she was an assault victim. After she was confronted with the assessment she “eventually admitted” Shannon Marchus “held her against her will and attacked her in the Dewy home” on Friday.

“A detailed interview revealed the victim’s ear had been bitten, hair pulled and she was dragged by her ankles into the bedroom,” said Develyn. That’s when the woman told police Marchus “blocked the door with a dresser so she could not leave.”

On Saturday morning, around 7 a.m. Develyn says the woman was able to convince her capturer she needed to use the bathroom. Later that evening she “was walking down the driveway attempting to leave.” That’s when detectives say Marchus “grabbed her by the hair and dragged her back to the house and struck her in the ribs. 

The woman then told police Marchus “placed a dog leash around her ankle and attached it to her dog so when the dog moved, it caused her pain.” He again locked her in the room overnight, according to Develyn.

It was Sunday morning when the woman was able to convince Marchus to take her to the hospital because he was acting “like everything was ok,” Said Develyn.

According to Develyn, medical staff “told deputies her injuries were consistent with the statements she had given regarding the assault.” That’s when YCSO started tracking Marchus’ cell phone to locate him.

Tracking Marchus’ cell phone activity led deputies to an area near Highway 69 on Iron King Road. They quickly conducted “a high risk traffic stop,” with Marchus sitting in his white 2003 Dodge Dakota.

He was “arrested without incident,” said Develyn, and he, “refused to discuss the incident.” Marchus was booked into the Camp Verde Detention Center on five charges ranging from kidnapping to cause injury, unlawful imprisonment, aggravated assault, intentional injury and disorderly conduct.

He currently remains behind bars with a $35,000 bond. The woman’s relation to Marchus or how he brought her into his home is unknown at this time.

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