William Russel Holmes, 73, was cited May 2 for driving with a suspended license.

Julian H Diaz Jr., 43, of Wickenburg, was arrested May 4 for dangerous drug– possession/use, DUI– liquor/drugs, DUI– drugs/metabolite, aggravated DUI– license suspended for DUI and driving with a suspended license.

Randy Lee Ristau, 32, of Congress, was cited May 30 for assault– intent to injure after allegedly injuring another man during an argument.

Benjamin John Tomlin, 35, of Wickenburg, was cited May 29 for disorderly conduct– fighting.

Magin Lane Montoya, 26, of New River and Alixanderia Gutierrez, 24, of Phoenix were both cited May 11 for disorderly conduct– fighting after an alleged argument at a local gas station.

Tyler Andrew Dunevent, 24, of Wickenburg, was cited May 9 for failure to stay at an accident after allegedly backing into a vehicle in a parking lot and leaving the scene.

Kelli Marie Keplinger, 46, of Wickenburg, was cited April 30 for disorderly conduct– noise and third degree criminal trespassing.

Alisa Marie Darnell, 47, was cited April 25 for drug paraphernalia– possession/use and driving with a suspended license.

Penny Marie Driskill-Paxson, 52, of Wickenburg was cited May 5 for disorderly conduct– fighting.

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