Cesar Dominguez, 24, of Phoenix, was arrested April 30 for marijuana– possession/use and drug paraphernalia– possession/use after consenting to a vehicle search during a traffic stop for speeding.

Demisha Nutt, 20, of Phoenix, was cited May 3 for drug paraphernalia– possession/use and Teaona Perry, 23, of Phoenix was cited May 3 for drug paraphernalia– possession/use during a traffic stop for speeding. marijuana was allegedly found after consenting to a vehicle search.

Christina Carter-Noel, 37, of Phoenix, was arrested May 12 for marijuana– possession/use, drug paraphernalia– possession/use, and had a warrant for previous charges of organized retail theft and dangerous drug– possession/use. Her warrant was confirmed after she was stopped for performing an illegal U-turn. Marijuana was allegedly found in the car after she consented to a vehicle search.

Leinani Jones, 23, of Wickenburg, was cited May 9 for disorderly conduct– language/gestures after allegedly struggling to get her dog back inside her house and arguing with an onlooking neighbor.

Melissa Saavedra, 27, of Wickenburg was cited May 2 for failure to comply with a court order.

Alex Stotz, 31, of Wickenburg, was cited May 9 for driving with a suspended license and second-degree failure to appear.

Robert Sublet, 20, of Wickenburg, was cited May 7 for disorderly conduct– fighting.

Vanessa Vavages, 30, of Tucson, was arrested May 9 for dangerous drug– possession/use charges from a previous incident after she called police for help. Vavages called police and allegedly told them a truck driver was holding her against her will after she got a ride from him while hitchiking. According to reports the truck driver had done nothing wrong and was released, but upon police running her name, Vavages was arrested for a felony warrant out of Tucson.

Wickenburg police have also been busy responding to non-injury collisions, reports of a stolen vehicle, harrasment, theft, domestic violence and more in the past weeks.

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