Rancho Rio’s founders are Ty Yost (from left), Stacey Yost, Tanya Grantham and Ty Grantham.

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Ty Grantham met with Ty Yost about six years ago to talk about his idea for a nice, big arena in Wickenburg. Within a very short period of time, proposals were drawn up, the town council was approached, the go-ahead was given and the rest, as they say, is history.

“My expectation would have been just a place to hold events,” Yost said. “I never expected anything this big.” But hosting events has been in the Yost family since before Ty was born. “Our family always roped, and we held a lot of events,” Yost said. Originally from Billings, Mont., Yost is happy and surprised to be hosting large events in such a nice, small town. “Everyone has been very welcoming,” Yost said.

Part two of the “Ty Combo” is Ty Grantham, who brings his expertise in facilities and infrastructure to the team. “If Ty Grantham can build it, then Ty Yost can fill it,” Ty Grantham said, “which is something we’ve heard people say about us.” It seems to be true. The partnership is working very well, if the happiness of their clients is any measuring stick. Grantham and his wife Tanya have been in Wickenburg since 2001, but Ty Grantham actually grew up near Kirkland. “Both men are very creative, but in different ways,” Tanya said. Rancho Rio has the advantage of being a great family business, especially because her sister Stacey is married to Ty Yost. “As a group, we work really well together and enjoy helping to introduce new people to Wickenburg through our ropings, barrel races, and the RV park,” Stacey said.

“We’re always improving, and we like listening to feedback,” Ty Grantham added. He also owns Grantham Fence Company here in Wickenburg.

Yost Events are held in nine different states throughout the year, but the big event is the National Team Roping Finals held at Rancho Rio this week, March 6-11. Three winning teams will be crowned, and each winning team takes home $100,000 plus saddles and other prizes.

Planning for events like these takes at least six months, and the Gold Rush Days event is just a month before these finals. “It’s a very thrilling time,” Ty Yost said. “I take some risks to find out which dates and cities work the best for most people, and Wickenburg is one of the best.”

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