Slightly more than a week after Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, Jan Sullivan was still giddy.


She was there ... at the inauguration ... in Washington, D.C.

Sullivan, who owns and operates the Horspitality RV Park in Wickenburg along with her husband Paul, spent four days at the nation’s capital with a new friend to experience the inauguration first-hand, and she has plenty of photographs on her phone to share.

“It was very emotional when I was there,” she said. “Everything was jammed with people trying to get in. Some said there was not a big attendance there, but that’s a big lie.”

Sullivan, who said she campaigned for Trump in Arizona and considers herself a “Trumper,” didn’t initially intend to attend the inauguration.

The Canadian citizen reported that she contacted Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar’s office to arrange for her future induction as a new United States citizen to be held in the nation’s capital.

Then she met local resident Wendy Ricke, who also expressed her support of the newly elected President, and they both showed an interest in attending the inauguration.

“We met only a few days before the inauguration, and she said if I could make that happen, she would be all in,” Sullivan recalled. “So I contacted Gosar’s Legislative Correspondent Drew Holden, and he said he could get us tickets.”

So Sullivan and Ricke took the four-hour flight to Washington, D.C., one day before the inauguration (Jan. 20) and they stayed for four days, attending three inaugural balls (the Great American Inaugural Ball for Wounded Warriors and other veteran charities; the Great American Hero Ball where former astronaut Buzz Aldrin celebrated his 87th birthday; and the Society of Arizona Ball, where U.S. senators and congressmen gathered).

“Although I’m a Canadian citizen, I’m the biggest patriot this country has got and have been here for 50 years,” noted Sullivan, who continues to wear the bright red inauguration baseball cap and her blue inauguration sweater.

She had photos taken of her with celebrities like TV reality show star Dog The Bounty Hunter, entertainer and model Antonio Sabato, and Fox News political personality Greg Gutfeld.

She and Ricke stayed at the MGM National Harbor and visited the Trump International Hotel. They also got caught up in the women’s protest march in Washington, D.C., during inauguration weekend.

“We found ourselves walking through a large crowd of them, and when they saw us wearing Trump gear, they parted like we were Moses and the Red Sea,” Sullivan reported. “We called it the Pink Sea.”

She proudly represented her state by dressing all western.

“I was going there in respect for my state,” said Sullivan, who predicted Trump’s victory in the General Election last November.

“When the Cubs got in (winning the major league baseball World Series), I knew Trump was a shoo-in,” Sullivan grinned.

So now she is planning to return to Washington, D.C., to be sworn in as a new citizen of the United States.

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