Serape Bleu: ‘It’s like shopping with friends’

Shawn Byrne


After speaking with friends and the recruitment of a special one, Theresa Dunn went into action to enhance the shopping options in Wickenburg.

Dunn opened Serape Bleu, 144 N. Tegner St., on Oct. 1, as an Arizona boutique that offers western-inspired clothing – but it is not a western store.

“People have been pleasantly surprised by the décor, selection of clothing, pricing, options and how fun it is to shop here,” Dunn said. “It’s like shopping with friends.”

Tom and Betty Watt were recognized as Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce’s Man and Woman of the Year for 2018, and Tom played a role in Dunn opening her store.

“Tom had been saying this town needs a really nice ladies dress shop,” she said. “I was hoping someone else might do it, but nobody else did so I finally said ‘I’m going to do it.’”

Dunn didn’t make that decision until she secured the services of Jenny Newton, Serape Bleu store manager.

“Jenny said this summer she was ready for a change, and I said ‘I’m thinking about opening a store,’” Dunn told The Sun. ‘“I’ll do it if you come with me.’ That’s what made me really decide to do it and pull the trigger.”

One perception the store owner would like to see start changing is the thought that the downtown stores are places for tourists to shop. Dunn said Serape Bleu is not a seasonal shop.

“It’s for us who live here full-time and to accommodate the seasonal visitors,” she said. “Serape Bleu is open seven days a weeks, 12 months a year.”

When a customer enters the Tegner Street shop, one of the customer service goals at Serape Bleu is for the visitor to experience “Sweetness for Your Soul,” an encounter in which the patron can have mental health relaxation and look good with their purchases.

“Everything we have here makes me feel good, and I try to buy things that make me feel good,” Dunn said. “We’re learning, and we’ll continue to learn to make good buying decisions.”

Dunn offers her favorite brands such as Double D Ranch, Johnny Was, and Lucchese Boots, and she said she carries clothing lines for different styles and budgets.

“We have lines that are very affordable,” she said. “For the most part, most everything is very affordable with great style.”

Serape Bleu does offer more than clothes, including silver and turquoise jewelry from Carroll Trading Co. and is the exclusive store in Wickenburg to offer Sugar Ranch Bake Shop of Wittmann products. Serape Bleu is located where Western Art Gallery (WAG) was once, and there is a door opening between the shop and The Twisted Dogwood to offer customers clothing, gifts, home furnishings, and furniture in a combined experience.

“We really compliment each other,” Dunn said. “It’s worked out for both of us.”

Dunn is on the board of directors for the Desert Caballeros Western Museum and has been involved in the Wickenburg Downtown Revitalization Foundation, she said. Serape Bleu is also a member of the Historic Downtown Wickenburg Merchants Association.

She has her hands full between working hard for the betterment of Wickenburg and making Serape Bleu a success.

“I’m loving every minute of it,” Dunn said. “It’s hard work, but I’m loving it.”

For store information, or to schedule a private after-hour shopping gathering, call (928) 232-2600 or visit

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