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Paula Brill recalls, “A relaxing stop in Sabang, Indonisa, during a Silversea Singapore/Singapore cruise with memorable stops in Phuket, Thailand, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) and Langkawi.  Some wellness experiences included on this trip were Tai Chi with a Martial Arts Master at Singapore Botanical Gardens, Foot Reflexology and a walking Feng Shui tour of the Singapore Business District.”

Today’s travelers are interested in making more out of their vacation time by incorporating wellbeing opportunities into their travel.  Paula Brill, who has been a travel advisor for over 25 years knows about this from personal experience.  “I used to call myself a “spa-junkie” because it’s the first place I check out when I check in!”  Now she has taken her love for travel and her interest in wellbeing to a new level by becoming Virtuoso Wellness Community Travel Advisor.  The Wellness Community brings together specialized training and a portfolio of properties, tour operators and cruises that specifically focus on experiences that restore travelers’ mind and body balance by integrating nutrition, healing techniques, fitness, and educational components.  Brill emphasizes that wellness travel can be all sorts of things, from the adventure of heli-hiking in the Canadian Rockies with a restorative spa treatment at the end of an invigorating day, to joining the locals in a park in Beijing for Tai Chi after touring the sites, or shuffling around an exclusive spa in Zurich in spa robe and slippers from aroma pools to glorious indoor pool with water fall shoulder massage, to outdoor hot-tub in the frosty mountain air and back to the tub of warm pebbles of the sunaburo (just a few of her memorable wellness travel experiences). Brill’s life-long journey of wellness and educational travel has taken her to 35 countries, traveling the most highly regarded brands in adventure and luxury travel.  “There are many nuances to planning a wellness journey, for some it might be incorporating some wellness experiences to a destination on their bucket list to an entire wellness emersion experience.  The possibilities are endless,” says Brill.  She also recommends that travelers check out the spa as soon as possible after checking-in as there are often saunas, plunge pools and exercise classes available at no extra charge.  For international flights Brill recommends travelers not to skimp on comfort and convenience on air travel to save money because arriving at a travel destination and back home feeling good is as important as the destination.  From planning a trip to getting home, Brill helps her clients make the most of their valuable time.  Whatever class of air travel one chooses, she recommends people move around, shrugging shoulders, rotating ankles and frequent heel-toe movements along with plenty of water. “As soon as I arrive at my first destination, I jump-start my vacation with a massage.  It not only works out the kinks from travel but helps me get a good night’s sleep.”  Whether it’s a fabulous Seabourn cruise with Dr. Andrew Weil featuring a mindful living program or yoga while on Safari, Brill has the experience and the resources to help you plan your journey to wellness.  For more information visit or stop by Your Secretary and Shipping and schedule an appointment.

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