The Local Press Sandwich Bar wedges into Phoenix-area top 50

Shawn Byrne


Getting lumped in and competing with establishments in the Valley can be an arduous task for small businesses in Wickenburg, but The Local Press Sandwich Bar, 69 N. Frontier St., has wedged its way in to stand with the best.

The Local Press celebrated its fourth anniversary Nov. 2, and it received an early gift from Yelp Reviews when a blogger placed the sandwich shop at No. 13 in the Top 50 Restaurants in Greater Phoenix According to Yelp.

“It’s not why I got into this, to win awards,” said Zach Pike, owner and king sandwich-maker. “I just want to put out good food and make people happy by doing that. It is a really awesome pat on the back to be appreciated for the effort we put in every day.”

Pike’s wife, Kaylon, was more than elated when she stumbled upon the top 50 list. Zach was sleeping and she just had to wake him up to share the news.

“We did do a happy dance,” she said.

Zach has a background in fine dining, and he wanted to bring that experience and those tastes to The Local Press.

“We wanted to take the same style and mentality of cooking, and turn it into something more approachable and presentable for a small town and put it into a sandwich,” he said. “We still use the same techniques you would find in a fancy restaurant.”

Transitioning from a fine-dining environment to a lunchtime sandwich bar is an intriguing decision to have been made. The reasons for the Pikes are two-fold. One driving force was finances, as startup costs for any business can be high, especially with the rising costs of food.

“One goal was that we wanted to do one thing and do it right,” Kaylon said. “We didn’t want a menu with 50 things on it, because then we wouldn’t find our identity. We wanted to have an identity and have it done right, fine tuned.”

A bite into a sandwich from the Local Press explodes with flavors that authenticates the sandwich bar is getting it right.

The Pikes take pride in their due diligence of providing as many ingredients from Arizona in The Local Press Sandwich Bar as possible. Along with their desire to make the shop a lunchtime place for Wickenburg residents, it’s where the “local” in the name of their place originates.

“We wanted to focus on that local aspect and local feel,” Zach said. “It felt right.”

The owners are looking toward the future and want to add craft beers from Arizona onto the menu. That’s a work in progress for the Pikes, but they are heading in that direction. Adding craft beers to the menu is a part of their desire to keep evolving.

“We have seen growth every year,” Zach said. “We have really good local support of people who come in here all the time. We’re super appreciative of that.”

The Local Press Sandwich Bar is open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday-Saturday.

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