Twisted Dogwood owners helping dogs at K9 Konnection find homes

This pooch was available for adoption at K9 Konnection as of Oct. 3.

Shawn Byrne


“A person who has never owned a dog has missed a wonderful part of life.”

– Bob Barker

Bill and Sandy Kester, owners of Twisted Dogwood and Twisted Dogwood Too, want to make certain no one misses out on the wonderful part of life of owning a dog.

The Kesters, via Twisted Dogwood, are partnering with K9 Konnection hoping that the roughly 30 dogs at K9’s shelter get adopted during October, which is National Pet Adoption month.

Twisted Dogwood will pay $50 of the $125 adoption fee for a dog from K9 Konnection.

“K9 Konnection has a great history,” Bill Kester said. “They do a great service for the community.”

Ellen Silber, volunteer coordinator board member at K9 Konnection, said the shelter has had 185 intakes this year and 130 adoptions.

“We try very hard to get dogs that have been surrendered from a home into a foster home,” Silber said. “Our philosophy is every dog can find a home, whether they’re strays or surrenders.”

The $125 adoption fee K9 Konnection charges includes spay or neuter, getting shots up to date, veterinarian care for the animal while at the shelter, and follow up with a trainer if the animal is having issues at its new home.

“We don’t give up on them,” Silber said. “We have even had dogs that were ‘unadoptable’ that are now service dogs. We think we are giving people a lot of services for the $125.”

K9 Konnection partners with Wickenburg Police Department went it comes to stray dogs. WPD has access to the shelter 24/7 when it needs to bring a dog in.

“It’s been fantastic,” said Lt. Amy Sloane, WPD public information officer. “When K9 opened up as a shelter, we made that a partnership quickly. We had to keep dogs, and we just didn’t have the room for them.”

K9 Konnection is a 501(c)3 nonprofit  with a no-kill policy. The organization has one full-time employee and the rest of the staff is comprised of volunteers, which is about 95 percent of the folks who work there.

Paul Minnick, director, and Shirley Peters, board president, were instrumental in the Kesters and Twisted Dogwood becoming financially involved at the shelter. The Kesters owned The Wag and Twisted Dogwood in historic downtown and had partnered with the humane society then. They have since closed The Wag and have opened Twisted Dogwood Too, 1120 N. Tegner St., along with the downtown store.

“We met Paul and Shirley from K9 Konnection and we decided we wanted to make that connection again,” Bill Kester said. “It’s good to know there are two organizations in this town people can turn to.”

Many may think picking out a dog is their choice, but that just might not be the case.

“There is nothing like seeing a dog pick out its new owner,” Silber said. “They’ll go right up to the person that dog is meant to be with. Nine times out of 10, the dogs make the right choice.”

K9 Konnection also offers a dog pantry for those who may need help with dog food for their animals.

The shelter, 903 E. Wickenburg Way, is open to the public for adoptions and donations from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Monday-Friday, or call (928) 232-2611 for an appointment.

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