Quite Write offers unconventional learning

Teachers Sarah Hoffman (left) and Emily Morse previously taught together in Congress and are both state certified with master’s degrees.

By Aeriel Bright


Teachers Sarah Hoffman and Emily Morse are offering home school hybrid, educational therapies, learning assessments and special STEM Friday programming to the Wickenburg community through the Quite Write Educational Services.

QW offers unconventional and hands-on learning with a calm setting for children ages 3 - adult. The teaching and environment is inspired by the Montessori method, using play and exploration as powerful learning tools. The learning center is designed for typical and exceptional learners – students with mild differences that are unique enough that they aren’t thriving in a typical school setting. Exceptional learners include students who are gifted, have high functioning autism, dyslexia, dyscalculia, low processing speeds, visual and auditory deficits, ADHD, etc.

“What makes us unique is our individualized curriculum for every student. We use the state standards for a two - three year grade band rather than a single grade. We begin where the child is so they can experience success and move forward. Learning is asynchronous so students move on when they are ready, regardless of their classmates. There is no remedial or advanced curriculum. Just every child working at their ability level, being challenged so they can be successful at their own pace,” Morse said.

Hybrid home schooling is an offered resource at Quite Write as well.

“We can provide as much or as little instruction as the parent desires. Some families only need help with one subject a few times a week, while others want us to provide all core academic instruction. Some students need help with speech or occupational therapy goals. We are able to condense curriculum for high functioning home schoolers and provide alternative learning for others. We partner with the parents to meet their child’s needs,” Hoffman said.

QW is open school days from 8 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., following public school holiday schedules. The cost is $10 - $20 an hour depending on the child’s age and specific needs.

QW is accepting registration for “Science Fridays”   in June and the 2019-20 school year. The learning center is located at 893 W. Wickenburg Way. For more information call (480)744-9097, email qweducation@gmail.com or visit www.QWEductaion.com

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