Rancho Bar 7 under new ownership

By David Zambrano


Tina Engebritson and Michelle Gentry are the new owners of the Rancho Bar 7, and reopened its doors on June 19.

The pair happened across the Rancho Bar 7 as they travelled from Montana to help care for Gentry’s father.

“While we were here, we found out about the Bar 7 and my brother wanted to get it but he just bought a brewery. So he said we should look at it. So we did and decided to do it,” Gentry said.

Engebritson had extensive experience in the restaurant industry.

“I’ve been in the restaurant business since I was 13. I’ve been running a restaurant from the ground up the last two years. We opened on June 19 and people came in and accepted us right off the bat.”

“We didn’t plan on it being that busy because we didn’t advertise or anything, but word got out that we were opening,” Gentry said. Because of the change of ownership, several items had to be updated in order to meet current health and building codes.

In the process, the bar was rebuilt and now includes the Bar 7 brand as well as the brands for Gentry’s father. The Brunswick back bar and Balke are still in place.

Engebritson and Gentry have kept the majority of the menu the same with minor changes.

“We have new specials but we’re still trying to keep the traditional flair of the restaurant, as far as the menu goes,” Engebritson said.

“One of the bigger challenges for me is walking in someone else’s restaurant and working off their menu instead of creating a new menu. We’ve received voicemails, emails, and text messages from people requesting certain items to remain on the menu,” Gentry said. “But we’ve added some things like steamed clams, chicken salad sandwich, stuffed peppers and our prime rib. Our prime rib is different than all others, even Tommy (the former owner) liked it.”

The Rancho Bar 7 is open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. at 111 E. Wickenburg Way. Call (928) 684-2492. For further information.

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