Desert Blossom salon a full-service spa

The staff at Desert Blossom Salon and Spa is proud to call it a full-service salon. Owner Jennifer Sanders sits with her 1-month-old daughter, Harper, and they are circled by Gabriel Green (from left), Darla Green (Jennifer’s mom and Harper’s grandmother), and Sierra Cooper.

By Shawn Byrne


Believe it or not, Jennifer Sanders had it all figured out when she was in middle school.

The 26-year-old new mom to 1-month-old Harper has the receipts to prove it.

Sanders knew then she was going to be owner and operator of a hair salon when she was in eighth-grade.

“It’s in my eighth-grade yearbook,” Sanders told The Sun. “They asked where would we be in 10 years, and I said I was going to own a salon.”

Sanders is now the owner of Desert Blossom Salon and Spa, 205 N. Frontier St., a full-service salon that includes a treatment room for massages, skin care, and full-service waxing now that the shop has been remodeled.

She has taken over the business operation from her mom, Darla Green, who remains on staff as a hair stylist. Under Green, the business ran under the name All Tressed Out, and she transferred ownership to her daughter.

“I wouldn’t be here without my mom,” Sanders said. “It’s really surreal taking over for her. It makes it special having grown up here and being a team together.”

Sanders grew up at 205 N. Frontier St. as the salon transitioned from Amigas Salon to All Tressed Out. Sanders taking over business operations was something the two women had always talked about, and the time is right for Green to hand it off to Sanders.

“My biggest goal was to add more services,” Sanders said. “We’ve added a new hairstylist, an aesthetician, and massage therapist. We have room for a nail tech and another hair stylist.”

In effect, Sanders has created an entirely new business. Along with changing the business name, the place has been remodeled and the space revamped.

Desert Blossom has that Southwestern feel Arizonans know well and fits right in with being a part of downtown Wickenburg. The look is modern and the lighting warms and invites the clients.

“My husband Garett did the remodel and I couldn’t do this without his support,” Sanders said. “The family and friends who we have behind us here being in Wickenburg locally is awesome.”

The timing of the transition may have been a little awkward, but all good things have good endings. The task of remodeling began six months before Sanders’s due date came and at the same time the business operation transition began to make things a tad dicey.

“I said ‘OK, this is what we’re doing,’” Sanders said. “There was a rush to get it done before I had the baby because I wanted Sierra to take care of my clients while I was out. It worked out great.”

And Desert Blossom Salon and Spa is ready to make things work out great for its clients.

For more information or to make an appointment, call Desert Blossom at (928) 684-1900.

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