U.S. News & World Report has ranked a program created by Health Management Resources (HMR) and offered by the Weight Loss Center of Arizona at hmrprogram.com/WLCOA as the No. 1 “Best fast weight-loss diet for 2020.” This marks the fifth consecutive year that HMR’s diet and lifestyle-change program has held the first-place position.

Fast weight-loss is often linked to gimmicks, crash diets and other drastic approaches that are unsustainable and potentially unhealthy.

In contrast, HMR achieves fast weight loss through a clinically proven plan that has been available in hospitals since 1983.

According to Laura Snyder, Operations Specialist, HMR’s simple plans are nutritionally complete, calorie-controlled and designed to help people lose a lot of weight quickly without feeling hungry. “Simplicity is key. We have people focus on just a few key variables, that will have the biggest impact on weight and health,” she said. “Because it is so easy to follow, people can stick to the diet longer, which can lead to more weight loss in a short amount of time.

“There is no payoff in losing weight quickly only to have in come back again,” That’s why lifestyle-change education is at the core of all HMR diet plans. HMR uses the science of behavior change to help people create new habits around healthier eating and increasing daily physical activity in ways that fit into their daily lives over the long term.”

For questions or more information call (928) 232-0890 or laura@weightlosscenterofarizona.com.

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