P&Z approves U-Haul facility

By Jeanie Hankins


A proposed new U-Haul facility gained initial approval from the Town of Wickenburg Planning and Zoning Commission on Thursday evening. A mini-warehouse, automobile rental and retail facility will be situated on approximately 16 acres, owned by Woody Grantham, at the northwest corner of U.S. 93 and Scenic Loop Road, adjacent to the cell phone tower, which is disguised as a water tank near the entrance to Wickenburg Ranch. The U-Haul proposal was considered last month by P&Z, and was tabled due to several concerns raised by nearby residents.

Since then, town staff researched traffic capacity, road width, drainage and fencing. A few neighbors spoke on Thursday in opposition to the planned commercial development so close to their neighborhood, but in the end P&Z commissioners found the plan is in accordance with the commercial zoning on the property.

The site plan depicts several buildings with western facades. The primary structure is two stories, built into a steep hill, so the top story is visible from the highway but the bottom story is somewhat hidden, according to the application. Four shaded vehicle storage structures are planned near the center of the property. In the corners of the property the plan calls for 11 rectangular enclosed storage unit buildings of various sizes.

The plans for parking spaces, lighting, landscaping and other specifics are in compliance with Town of Wickenburg technical standards, according to Planner Omar Smailbegovic.

Next, U-Haul will submit civil and construction plans. Town staff will review the plans and ensure compliance with all standards. Review of plans usually takes less than two months if everything goes smoothly, but the process may take longer as Arizona Department of Transportation will also need to review the plans due to the project’s proximity to U.S. 93, according to Smailbegovic. If all goes as planned the facility will open in 2020.

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