Sorensons open new chapter

By David Zambrano


Well-known for physical therapy services and support of youth activities, Steve and Rozann Sorensen are leaving Wickenburg this week. The couple recently sold their practice, and Steve has applied to medical school with a goal of becoming a physician.

According to Steve, his first challenge is to pass the Medical College Admission Test or MCAT, which is a six-hour test on the physical and biological sciences as well as critical reasoning.

“There’s no advantage to being a physical therapist as far as actual medical school goes, but the experience will pay off in the long run,” Sorensen said. Sorensen is a licensed physical therapist with specialty in joint manipulation as a certified orthopedic manual physical therapist as well as being certified in dry needling. He takes pride in identifying and solving physical problems, especially involving the spine.

The Sorensens and family moved to Wickenburg 16 years ago, bought an existing physical therapy business in 2008 and renamed it Champion Physical Therapy.

Together, Rozann and Steve became well known for helping the community in many ways.

“She runs the business, and I run the therapy and together we make a good team,” Sorensen said. He and Rozann have always been involved in the community. In 2013, they, along with Annette Roberts and Valarie Shumway, created Champions of Wickenburg Youth, a non-profit organization to raise money for the local youth sports activities.

Steve said, “Being able to give back to all the programs that help our youth has been important to us.” He has also volunteered his time assessing injuries for youth sports programs and helping high school athletes return to play.

Their involvement hasn’t gone unnoticed.

“The Sorensens have made an impact on the community. Steve was a pillar,” Brian Jones said. “They will definitely be missed.”

Some of the ways Steve has made an impact include helping young men reach the difficult rank of Eagle Scout, coaching sports programs at WHS and helping with youth sports programs at his church. According to Jones, Sorensen often gave physical therapy pro bono to youths who didn’t have the finances for treatment. Steve was awarded the 2014 Tip of the Stethoscope Award by the Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce for excellence in service as a healthcare provider. He is also fluent in Spanish.

“He works hard, he’s a good parent and leader,” Jones said.

The Sorensens are  returning to their home state of Washington this week. Earlier this year, they sold Champion Physical Therapy to Dr. Edward Flamand and Dr. Janell Hays, who “just so happen to be getting married this coming weekend,” Sorensen said.

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