Eighth annual mule ride applications available

The Boyd Ranch will again host Wickenburg’s Eighth Annual Mule Ride, one of very few mule rides in the country, according to ride manager Becky Coffield.

People from all over the West come to Wickenburg for the four-day event. This year the ride will take place from March 12 - 15, with early arrival on March 11. “We have riders from Texas, New Mexico, Montana, California, even Alaska and Canada,” Coffield said. “Of course, many Arizonans attend also.” The ride is for adults only.

The ride offers much more than trail rides, although there’s plenty of those offered from short and easy treks to long and challenging. The trail guides are experienced and excellent. Bonnie Pollock, Scott Stewart, Cheri Noel, Kim Johnson, and Janet and Greg Bleeker lead most of the rides, but there are also well-marked, self-guided trails for those who prefer to ride with just a few friends and new acquaintances.”

In addition to trail riding, the ride offers many other activities. “Our Trail Trial Event, organized by Bonnie Pollock, is very popular with riders, and so is our ‘Mule Ramble.’ This year we’re adding a new event – a timed, three on three ball and broom polo match we’re calling the Mule Stomp,” Coffield said. “In addition Ty Evans, one of the most popular clinicians in the country, will be back again offering individual clinic sessions. As Evans says, he helps people with mule problems, and mules with people problems.”

The ride is catered by Eddie Nasser and offers three meals a day. For those who don’t have a trailer, tent, or RV to stay in, bunks are available to rent for a very reasonable price, and pens for animals are also available to rent.

A limited number of horses are allowed at the ride, but they cannot participate in the Mule Ramble or the Mule Stomp. “Horses are welcome to participate in the Trail Trial Event, however, and in all the other activities,” Coffield said.

The cost of the four-day ride is $325. Applications and waivers can be found at www.boydranch.org. Contact Becky if you have any questions at beckycoffield@gmail.com.

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