A grant approval of about $535,000 by Maricopa County’s Community Development Advisory Committee in February has paved the way for a second waterline and street improvement project in Wickenburg.

According to information provided by the Town of Wickenburg, a portion of the existing asbestos concrete pipe (ACP) water main was installed in 1956 and the remainder in 1980. This pipe is close to reaching the end of its useful life. Taking the ACP out of service at this time will ensure it does not undergo gradual degradation in the form of corrosion and deposit asbestos flakes in the drinking water system.

Additionally, this water main could present a greater asbestos carcinogenic threat during line maintenance and repairs as this water main continues to age.

The Apache Waterline project would be proactively replacing 1,400 linear feet (lf) of 12-inch ACP water main transmission line with ductile iron pipe (DIP), pressure class 350. Three new fire hydrants will replace the existing, aged fired hydrants with new pavement markers. There are 30 service connections that will be installed and the new water main will be connected to 10 other water main connections that cross within the project area.

This project also includes replacing 1,950 square feet of new curb with ADA ramps, including detectable warnings for handicapped residents in 13 intersection locations. Additionally 150 linear feet of vertical curb and gutter and 300 square feet of valley gutter will be installed. Approximately 800 square feet of sidewalk will be replaced along with 700 square feet of driveway that will be disturbed within the project area.

After completion of the water main installation, 6,100 square feet of road pavement will be removed and replaced with 3-inch asphalt cement pavement. This will include all pavement markings and street signs, where they were removed.

The Town of Wickenburg was awarded a grant by CDAC in 2019 for the Jefferson Street Waterline Project 2 on Jefferson Street between Yavapai and Mohave streets (200 and 300 blocks). There are residents in this older section of Town that are classified as low to moderate income.

The water main in this project area was installed in or around 1976 and is reaching the end of its useful life. The 1,050 linear feet pipe is comprised of both Cast Iron Pipe (CIP) and Asbestos Concrete Pipe (ACP), which bottlenecks in one area. Insufficient fire flow, lower water volume and quality issues are the result of the condition of this water main. The new 8-inch Ductile Iron Pipe will resolve these issues. In addition, replacing the broken water valves will aid in isolating areas of the system to reduce the number of residents that are affected then water is shut off for maintenance.

Two storm drain catch basins will be replaced. These basins are undersized and not up to code. Replacing these basins will allow storm water to drain appropriately from the project area to reduce water pooling and flooding.

The Jefferson Waterline 2 Project is the fourth phase of water main replacements in this area, which began in 2014. It was prioritized due to the age and condition of the line per the tracking in the Town’s asset management system.

This project replaces aged, undersized water main; water services to customers alone this water main; two fire hydrants; sidewalks with proper ADA compliant ramps; and repairs driveway aprons and driveway disturbed by this project. Two undersized and outdated storm drain catch basins will be replaced. Additional sidewalk will be added with compliant ramps and the street will be milled and repaved in this project area.

The Jefferson Line Project 2 could begin work in December after bids have been advertised, accepted, and awarded. The Apache Line Project is expected to follow the same time line next year.

The cost to the Town of Wickenburg for both projects is about $400,000.

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