“A Little Extra Love,” a spiritual healing workshop, hosted by Gloria Benish and Linda Morris will take place from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday, Jan. 20 at the Centennial Community Center, 69725 Centennial Road in Salome, 50 miles west of Wickenburg (watch for signs).

Learn how to sense an individual’s energy and dissolve the blockages that prevent natural healing, how to sweep an energy field and how to “go within” and understand how to transform human consciousness and fears into a divine state of consciousness.

For the first time, Benish and Morris offer an experience to help the world heal one heart at a time. Both bring an energy that raises the conscious of everyone around them. Benish is an ordained minister and certified spiritual healer. She has traveled across the United States giving talks and workshops.

Benish brings humor and loving energy wherever she goes. She is the author of “Go Within or Go Without,” “Spiritual Life Savers,” and “Spiritual Training Wheels.” Some of her titles are available on Kindle.

Benish met Morris in California in 2000 when they connected at a level neither experienced before. During a private healing, Morris experienced the presence of God through Benish and a friendship ensued that has lasted nearly two decades.

Call Sharon Bakken to RSVP at (320) 493-6961. Boxed lunch will be available for purchase. Participants are asked to dress in comfortably and to bring socks.

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