Residents looking for a new challenge, and a way to serve the community may want to consider running for Town Council or mayor.

The Town of Wickenburg will have the mayor’s seat and three Council seats up for election on Aug. 4. For those interested, candidate packets are available at Town Hall. Prospective candidates will have until April 6 to turn in all paperwork, including a minimum of 132 signatures, with a maximum of 263 signatures.

As of Tuesday morning, two individuals have signed for candidate packets to run for mayor, and three have signed for packets to run for Council. If all packets are turned in with the required number of signatures, Mayor Rui Pereira will be challenged by Patty Sickles; and Nohl Rosen, Margaret Nyberg and Nash Oliver will be in the running for the three Council seats.

In order to run for Council, residents have to be registered to vote and have lived in the Town of Wickenburg at least one year prior to the election date. A love of reading, paperwork and research is also a plus because Council packets can be lengthy.

Town Council meets twice a month at 5:30 p.m. on the first and third Mondays. There are occasional special meetings, including but not limited to, budget meetings, emergency issues and the annual planning retreat. These are scheduled at various times of day. Most Council members are also assigned a commission to be the liaison between that commission and Council, and most of those meetings are once per month.

Interested parties are encouraged to attend Council meetings. The public can view council packets by visiting the town’s website at For more information or an appointment to review the candidate packet, contact Town Clerk Amy Brown at (928) 684-5451, ext. 1517 or email

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