By Shawn Byrne


Election season officially kicked off on Tuesday, Jan. 14 when candidate packets for Town of Wickenburg mayor and three Council seats became available. Potential candidates have until April 6 to file their candidacy.

Mayor Rui Pereira must face challengers despite having taken office in June after defeating Everett Sickles in the Wickenburg Mayoral Recall Election. Pereira is required to be reaffirmed by electors because he took the mayor’s office in a recall election, which calls for the new mayor to run again, if they choose to do so, in the next available election.  Pereira’s win was only to the next election, not the completion of Sickles’ term.

Three Council seats will also be at stake this year. Vice Mayor Royce Kardinal, Kelly Blunt, and Sam Crissman are each  up for reelection, if they choose.

In 2016, only three names appeared on the ballot for three seats, so they were duly elected as a result of the primary election. Kardinal, Blunt and Crissman were essentially given office just by completing and turning in their candidate packets to the clerk’s office. Prospective candidates must turn in a minimum of 132 signatures with a maximum of 263 by the April 6 deadline.

Candidates are duly elected when in the primary they receive a majority of the votes, according to Town Code. They would not have to face the voters again in the general election. If there are more candidates than seats, two candidates per seat will move on to the general election. If two seats remain after the primary election, then four candidates would advances (if there are four).

Those interested in running for mayor or Town Council must be eligible to vote, registered to vote in Wickenburg, have been a resident of Wickenburg for one year preceding the date of primary election, which would be Aug. 4, 2019. Those who live in the areas that were annexed by the Town since that date are eligible to run for Council or mayor if they lived in an annexed section for at least one year.

A Council member should enjoy paperwork, research, reading, long hours and hard work, according to the Town’s optional requirements list. They should have the support of family and friends, and have a good sense of humor.

Voters need to be registered by July 6 for the Aug. 4 primary, and by Oct. 5 for the Nov. 3 general election.

The new mayor and Council will be seated Dec. 7.

For more information, call Town Clerk Brown at (928) 668-0517, email or visit the clerk’s office, 155 N. Tegner St.

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