Wickenburg Police officials say an employee at Goodwill was arrested Feb. 4 for stealing money from the store.

Stefanie Lorrane Mercer, 20 of Congress, was arrested after a loss prevention specialist with Goodwill referred Mercer to WPD.

Mercer said she had been employed with Goodwill since late July or early August, and allegedly told police she first “pocketed” money after a sale about a month after she began working at the store. She purportedly would scan item tags and place them in a bag. Customers generally left money on the counter and after handing customers their bags they would walk away, and Mercer would place the cash into her pocket, according to a WPD incident report.

Store management requested Mercer only be prosecuted for five days of theft in which surveillance footage exists that allegedly shows Mercer putting money in her pocket.

The total amount totaled $315.68, but store officials provided WPD with transaction statements over the past six months showing losses of $6,720 in cash and merchandise for a total loss of $13,440.

The store official told WPD it would pursue the remaining loss above what Mercer was arrested for in civil litigation.

Mercer allegedly told WPD she stole because she was the sole provider for her family, which includes her disabled mother and disabled father.

The 20-year-old Congress woman was arrested and cited for theft, and was released from the Tegner Street police station.

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