WSC 2020 Queen Trista Morris leads First Attendant Ariel Sprecher and Princess Sheridan Fiegen during practice for opening rodeo events.

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Wickenburg Saddle Club is ringing-in its 70th year with new members, officers, royalty and the fourth annual Saddle Series.

WSC allows the entire family to participate in gaining skills at horsemanship, gain experience in competition and is an outlet for family bonding.

“We have approximately 20 families participating,” Carrie Stubblefield, club secretary, wrote to The Sun in an email. “Three new families joined after our two-day fun gymkhana in October, where the overall points winner received a saddle.”

Membership dues are $80 per family initially, but drops to $75 after the first year. A single adult can join for $25 per year.

Dorinda Morris, a WSC member who is responsible for organizing the fundraising Saddle Series believes Wickenburg’s uniqueness is a draw.

“Some families come from surrounding areas because they appreciate Wickenburg’s culture – the western family appeal,” Morris said. “This is important because it brings outside commerce to our community.”

All events are broken down into four age groups: 8-and-under, 9-13, 14-18, and 19-and-up.

“We have three generations of family members participating in gymkhana events,” Stubblefield said.

Points are scored and accumulated over the year with winners in each age category named at an annual banquet held in December.

Leadership is two-fold, adult and junior, providing a sound structure for teaching and learning leadership at all age levels.

2020 adult officers are President David Stubblefield, Vice-President Niki Horton, Treasurer Sandy Jordan, Secretary Carri Stubblefield and Point Secretary Taylor Stubblefield. Junior officers for 2020 junior officers are President Kelly Fiegan, Vice President Trista Morris, Treasurer Jacqueline Garner, Secretary Dalton Campbell and Point Secretary Kelli Stubblefield.

A key component of WSC is the royalty. These are passionate ambassadors representing rodeo and educating potential fans about the positive aspects of the sport. Ladies compete in showing their horsemanship skills, public speaking and knowledge of rodeo. Once chosen, they represent the club for one year performing opening flag ceremonies at various rodeo events and riding in parades throughout the state.

Royalty for 2020 is as follows: Queen Trista Morris, First Attendant Ariel Sprecher, and Princess Sheridan Fiegen. Look for them in the upcoming Wickenburg Gold Rush Day Parade on Feb. 15.

Then you can saunter over to the Wickenburg Community Center where you can meet WSC members and indulge in eating barbecue while supporting Wickenburg Saddle Club’s Benefit BBQ. Lunch starts at 11 a.m. Tickets are $10 for adults and $6 for kids.

Currently, WSC is preparing for its upcoming Saddle Series fundraiser that is open to the public. There are five weekends of competition scheduled beginning Jan. 19. High point wins a saddle. For more information go to

Fundraising is ongoing and WSC is currently looking for sponsors.

WSC has its own arena on Jack Burden Road where all activities are scheduled. Members are responsible for the maintenance of the facility. Other organizations or private individuals can rent the arena for $120 per year, but use is limited to times outside of the club’s scheduled events.

Since WSC’s beginning in 1949, it has attracted lifetime members Bill Cowles, Steve and Peggy Anliker, Mike and Kathy Billingsly, Dave Underdown, Patty Glinski, Phyd Papin, Jeff and Jessica Solper, and Jack Elms. Each has continued to support its mission statement of keeping the western heritage alive in Wickenburg.

Few Wickenburg organizations can claim 70 years of longevity, and Wickenburg Saddle Club is at the top of the list. With a slogan like “Together we ride … for love of family and horses,” it’s no wonder this organization is 70 years and 75 members strong.

Visit and where you help promote keeping Wickenburg western.

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