Todd Lee Furness, 30, of Tonopah, was arrested Sept. 28 for DUI slightest degree, DUI w/BAC of .08, and DUI w/BAC .15-.19.

Thomas Hobert Craig, 32, of Phoenix, was arrested Oct. 5 for trespassing after allegedly refusing to leave Dollar General, 825 N. Tegner St.

Martha Louise Johnson, 50, of Wickenburg, was arrested Oct. 5 for DUI Liquor/Drugs/Vapors/Combo, DUI w/BAC .08 or more, Extreme DUI w/BAC .15-.20, and Hit and Run/Damage to a Vehicle after allegedly admitting to having hit a parked car on Adams but left because she did not see anyone around.

Robert Erwin Bennett, 76, of Mayer, was arrested Oct. 3 for DUI in the slightest degree.

Sidney M. Maslonka, 73, of Rosalie, Neb., was arrested Oct. 17 for DUI in the slightest degree, DUI w/BAC over .08, and DUI w/BAC over .15 in the 400 block of West Wickenburg Way after being involved in a two-vehicle collision.

Angel Camacho-Cervantes, 24, of Carson, Calif., was arrested DUI Liquor/Drugs/Vapors/Combo and DUI w/BAC over .08 on Oct. 12 at McDonald’s after being unresponsive in the drive-thru.

Rodnek Jeanette Marshall, 26, of Wickenburg, was arrested for leaving an accident with damage to vehicle on Oct. 19 after reportedly leaving a damaged, red Ford Focus in the Tegner Street roundabout.

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