As part of the Town of Wickenburg’s planned equipment upgrade, all electric meters will be replaced in the coming months. This project will only affect the Town’s electric customers, those who pay their electric portion of their bill to the Town of Wickenburg, not APS.

“Most of the Town’s electric meters are getting old and not operating efficiently,” said Matt Egan, operations manager for the Town’s electric, water and wastewater utilities. “This project has been in the planning stage for several years.”

This meter replacement project is scheduled to begin on Monday, April 6 and will most likely take several months to complete. Customers will be notified by a door hanger when their meters are scheduled to be replaced. It will be important to note the date on the door hanger and follow the preparation recommendations.

“Although we will make every effort to minimize any inconvenience to our customers, a momentary power interruption will be necessary,” Egan said. “The door hanger will list a few action items that should take place on the date of your scheduled installation to help avoid any issues.”

The first item is to make sure the electric meter is accessible by unlocking any gates or breaker panels. Secondly, secure animals in an area away from the electric meter and breaker panel. Lastly, turn off or unplug sensitive electric equipment such as computers and audio/visual equipment to avoid any damage.

The Town of Wickenburg has contracted with APS employees to install these meters. These installers will always display proper identification.

For more information regarding this project, contact Matt Egan at (928) 668-0559 or email at

Information provided by Town of Wickenburg

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