By Susan Marshall

Sun Correspondent

Scoutmaster J.C. Campbell of Scout Troop 299 of Wickenburg says it is now chartered by American Legion Post 12 in Wickenburg.  Troop 299 was chartered by the Wickenburg Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for decades, but the church is changing its youth program to provide the same opportunities for young men regardless of where they live worldwide, whereas scouting programs are only available in a handful of countries.  Many facets of the scouting program such as camping will be incorporated in this program, so the church will no longer be chartering Scout Troops after this year.

Scoutmaster Campbell said the American Legion’s values closely align with the scouting program, and Post 12 has agreed to Charter Troop 299 to enable its members to continue on the path to earn the rank of Eagle Scout.  

Troop Leadership is striving to make scouting as affordable as possible for families by starting a uniform issue and exchange program, and to conduct fundraising to cover registrations, summer scout camp and other costs.

Scoutmaster Campbell says regardless of media reports that BSA is closing its doors to our community young men and women, scouts of all ages and ranks are respected by higher learning institutions and employers across the US.  Scouting makes possible scholarships and military rank advancement upon enlistment as well as providing fundamental life skills.  

Troop 299 offers programs for ages 5-17 years of age as Cub Scout Packs (ages 5 to 10 years) and Scouts (ages 11 to 17 years), regardless of race or religion and covers areas from Congress to Wittman.

Cub Scout Packs have program steps starting with Lions to Tigers to Wolves to Bears and to Webelos. The national organization, now called Scouts BSA, also offers scouting for young women of the same ages.  

Post 12 officers and members agreed to charter an all-girls troop if enough young ladies are interested, along with required female leaders.  While Cub Scout Packs are now coed, girls’ troops will operate separately from boys’ troops for most activities such as camping.  They may work together during community service projects and fundraising with appropriate adult supervision.  

Scoutmaster Campbell, Post 12 officers and members would like to invite all interested young men, women and dedicated leaders to join starting January 2020 at 6:30 p.m. every Tuesday evening at the Legion Hall, 176 N. Frontier Street, to see what scouting can offer them.  

Scoutmaster, J.C. Campbell may be reached at (757) 813-5257 for more information and specific questions.

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